ARGEŞ Bar Association is one of the most important members of the National Union of Romanian Bar Associations.

The Argeș Bar Association is a bar that has a long tradition. The activity of "advocates" on the territory of the current Argeş County is dating back to the appearance of the "Law for the formation of the body of advocates" of December 4, 1864 during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

Geographically, the Argeş Bar Association is located near the capital of the country, Bucharest, in a highly industrialized and economically important area, which gives it a strategic position but also an important role in the development of the business environment with obvious implications for the economy region, Romania, while also for international relations.

The Argeş bar is twinned with the Versailles Bar, a twinning that has a long tradition and is of special importance not only for lawyers in Arges, but also for Romanian lawyers and for the image of the country beyond its borders, the Baroque de Versailles being of importance in France similar to the Argeş Bar.

The opening of the Argeş Bar to maintain, establish and develop international relations with other bars in the European Union is not limited to relations with the Versailles Bar.

In recent years, Arges Bar Association has created collaboration relationships with the Verviers Bar and the Antwerp Bar Association, representatives of Argeş Bar Association being present at the annual conferences organized by these bars with active participation by supporting themes with the other participants.

In the next period, the Argeş Bar Association aims to join the European Bar Association.
Founded in 1874, the Cluj Bar has more than 1,000 lawyers, being the second largest bar in the country after the Bucharest Bar.

The Cluj Bar is the independent professional body for lawyers in Cluj County, and its main mission is to defend the interests of lawyers and the citizens they serve.

The Cluj Bar guarantees the independence and quality of the basic principles of the profession and provides its members with the necessary services to achieve the best performance in their activities.

Lawyers in Cluj are a model in promoting and respecting citizens' rights, as well as in the process of adopting laws.

Our Bar performs important civil service activities consisting of free legal assistance, thus maintaining its duty of solidarity with the needy and in the defense, which represents our collective and individual contribution to building the rule of law.

The Cluj Bar is today a modern, well-managed organization with high quality standards, transparent in its action and democratic in its behavior. At the international level, since 2007, the Cluj Bar has actively been involved in the Federation of European Barges, and since 2015 he has held the chairmanship of the East Bars Committee of this federation
Founded in 1865, the Dolj Bar Association is one of the oldest and most active bar associations in Romania. Throughout the history, Dolj Bar Association has represented a reference point of the law practice in Romania, around which a lot of eminent personalities have gravitated. This background honours us and in the same time makes us dedicate our efforts to maintain this prestige.

The Dolj Bar Association's membership consists of close to 1000 lawyers from Dolj, a county located in the South Western part of Romania. The home town of Dolj Bar Association is Craiova, the main city of Dolj county and Oltenia region. Oltenia is a historical province and geographical region of Romania which is situated between the Danube, the Southern Carpathians and the Olt river.

The Dolj Bar Association is governed by the EU and the Romanian legislation, including the Law no. 51/1995 regarding the organization and practice of the legal profession and the Statute of the legal profession in Romania. The Dolj Bar Association is a member of the National Association of the Romanian Bars (N.A.R.B) and is affiliated to the European Bars Federation.

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The Tirana Bar of Attorneys has been created from 1992, after the fall of the former communist regime and is actually the biggest Bar in the Republic of Albania, member of the National Bar of Albania. Starting from May 2008, our National Bar became member of CCBE, with the status of observer member.

The Bar of Tirana reached a number of 6.092 members in year 2017. From this number, approximately 1.600 Attorneys are active and exercise the profession. Each year, more than 400 new Attorneys are entering as members of the Bar of Tirana.

The profession is regulated by the Albanian Law no. 9109, dated 17.07.2003 “For the Profession of the Lawyer in the Republic of Albania”.

The Dean of Tirana Bar is actually Mr. Fatmir Braka, reelected in year 2017 for a five year mandate.
The oldest written data about the existence of the Bar Association - Vidin are from 1925. According to the oral data, the college has been in existence since 1891. Prominent political and detachment activists - members of the college are: Naycho Tsanov, Alexander Tsanov, Alexander Panov, Ivan Chonos, Atanas Minkov, Panayot Kamenov, Krastyo Nojarov, Alexander Angelov and others. They have taken a prominent role in managing the state as political leaders, MPs, participants in senior government bodies.

Under the Attorney Act in the Republic of Bulgaria lawyers are necessarily members of lawyers' colleges, which are legal entities. Bodies of the Vidin Bar Association are the Bar Council, which consists of 7 members, including 1 Chairman, Control Board and Disciplinary Court. The governing bodies are elected at a general meeting every 3 years, being elected for no more than two consecutive terms .

At the Bar Association there are 140 lawyers who can practice on the territory of the whole country, but the office has to be on the territory of Vidin. The chairman of the Vidin Bar Association participates in the meetings of the Supreme Bar Council in rotation and in the national conferences the Bulgarian Bar Association, which are held twice a year.
Zaječar Bar Association was founded on September 30th 1972 for the administrative area of Zaječar and Negotin. Nineteen lawyers were the majority that voted for the establishment of Zaječar Bar Association at the time of the foundation general meeting in 1972.

Today, the Zaječar Bar Association has 162 lawyers and 72 trainee lawyers and is covering the courts within the area of communes Zaječar, Bor, Negotin, Knjazevac, Sokobanja și Kladovo.

The main office of Zaječar Bar Association is located in the city of Zaječar. As of the year of 2004, the Zaječar Bar Association purchased its own headquarters and the bar association’s members have contributed in part with their own resources.

The main bodies of the Zaječar Bar Association are the Assembly, comprised of delegates, the Bar Council with 7 members President and Vice-President and Disciplinary Committee.

The current President of Zaječar Bar Association is Mrs. Biljana Drazevic for the last two years of her mandate. The President of the Zaječar Bar Association is holding a four-year mandate that can be renewed for one more time.