Lucian Bernd Sauleanu , Dean, Dolj Bar Association, Romania
06/05/2017, 16:16 UTC

Dolj Bar Association - The Independence of Lawyers - Reflections

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, in the Aula Magna of the Craiova Law Faculty took place the Conference "Independence of Lawyers" organized by the Dolj Bar Association in collaboration with the National Union of Romanian Bar Associations (UNBR), the Faculty of Law of the University of Craiova and the Craiova Territorial Center of the National Institute for Lawyers' Training and Development (INPPA).

The event was attended by lawyers and guests from Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Serbia and Romania.

The first message of the conference came from Mr. Lucian Bernd Săuleanu, the Dean of the Dolj Bar, who thanked the participants and the guests, outlining the general framework of the event, emphasizing the fundamental role that lawyers have for the rule of law and for any functional judicial system.

Mr. Sevastian Cercel, Dean of the Law School of Craiova, Mrs. Stanca Gidro, President of the Eastern Bars Commission of the European Bars Federation, and Mr. Charles Kaufhold, Secretary General of the European Bars Federation, welcomed the participants as well.

After Mr. Christof Munz, the FBE treasurer and Vicepresident of the Eastern Bars Commission, spoke in the first panel about the independence of bar associations and their relationship with public authorities, Mr. Nikolaos Valergakis, the Dean of the Thessaloniki Bar Association, presented the impact of high taxation on lawyers and their independence.

The dean of the Bucharest Faculty of Law, Professor Flavius ​​Baias, talked about the independence of lawyers and admission in the legal profession. At the end of the first panel the theme "The Independence of the Bars" was presented by the Dean of the Vidin Bar, Mr. Kiril Gruev.

The second panel began with the presentation of the "Lawyer and the Internet" by Mr. Dan Oancea, member of the UNBR Council, and then, Mr. Mariusz Maciejewski, the chairman of the Warsaw Bar Association's Professional Development Committee, spoke about the modern law practice by using mediation in business cases.

Mr. Traian Briciu, UNBR’s Vice-President and Director of INPPA, spoke about the lawyer's independence from the client, and Mr. Emanoil Ploşnita, Dean of the Chisinau Bar, spoke about ensuring the lawyer's independence through professional and ethical standards.

Mrs. Biljana Drazevic, Dean of the Zajecar Bar, and Mr. Fatmir Braka, the Dean of the Tirana Bar Association, shared their remarks about challenges for the independence of lawyers before the conclusions of Dean Lucian Bernd Săuleanu.


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